Augmented Reality Workshop: Visualizing Ocean Pollution, 2019

Historically, oceans around the world have acted as a convenient receptacle for human waste. From the long term of effects of ocean dumping and oil spills, to our forgotten picnic leftovers, human behavior is directly responsible for the widespread accumulation of trash in our oceans. And the effects are devastating, threatening coastal and marine wildlife, as well as the general health of our ocean ecosystem. 

MassArt's Spring 2019 interdisciplinary elective, Disobedient Design, created a collaborative, augmented reality art workshop for MassArt’s Climate Resilience Forum about the effects of pollution in our underwater ecosystems.

Students took on the issue of recycling, asking the public to rethink the popular slogan: reuse, reduce, recycle through original letterpress posters and digital hybrid fish-trash 3D objects.