• Amplify & Multiply: Recent Print Ephemera, Coburn Gallery, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, March 27 – April 17, 2017
    • An exhibition of activist/social/political printed posters, protest signs, objects, fundraiser publications, and other ephemera advocating for social and environmental justice, equality, and the rights of oppressed people. Work will be housed in a permanent archive in Tutt Library’s Special Collections.
  • At a Distance, Shift Space Gallery, Wichita State University College of Fine Arts, Wichita Kansas, KA, March 2017
    • Curated by Jesse Allen, Conan Y. Fugit, and A. P. Vague
  • IDEAS Event: The Dr. Pawel Norway Dream Machine, Calit2 Theater, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego
    • thanks to support from the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination
  • I don't wanna curate anymore, I just wanna accumulate content, Chalton Gallery, London, United Kingdom, Launched July 10, 2016
  • Inventory, a letter-press folio of vintage logomarks created during 2-week residency at the Common Press, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, May 2016
    • In the collection of the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Van Pelt-Dietrech Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA
  • Common Press at 10: Printing, Writing, Teaching, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Kamin Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, 1st Floor, Philadelphia PA
  • The System and Process For, a two-person exhibition, with Nathan Thomas Wilson, at the Crane Archive Space, Philadelphia PA
  • Studio Visit with Fresh Paint Magazine, May 2016
  • Artist of the Month, GetMeh, May 2016
  • Object Type, Visual Arts Gallery, Structural and Materials Engineering Building, UC San Diego, San Diego CA, May 2 -June 3, 2016
  • North Side Art Exhibit Expands on Print-Media Approaches, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Jan. 16, 2016
  • The Chautauqua National Exhibition: What if?, Richmond, KY, 2016
  • Made in Mind, Autumn 2015
  • Printwork 2015, Artists Image Resource (AIR), Pittsburgh, PA, 2015 - 2016
    • Juror Dan Byers, Senior Curator at the ICA/Boston
  • CAA Conference Edition 2015, New York, Media-n, 2015
  • The Art of Science, The Science of Art, Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery, Worcester State University, Worcester MA, 2015
    • Juror Nick Capasso, Director of the Fitchburg Art Museum
  • InVision: 2D & 3D Landscape, Davis Art Gallery, Worcester MA, 2015
  • Flock Gallery, Manchester NH, 2015
  • Peace and Justice, Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, SUNYUlster, Stone Ridge NY. | Juror Elisa Pritzker, 2015
  • The Reproducer, 2014
  • UBIQ: Sound & Subversion, 2014
  • Small Works, Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, NY, 2014
  • Boston Young Contemporaries, 808 Gallery, Boston MA, 2014
  • MFA Thesis Exhibition, Paine & Bakalar Galleries, Boston MA, 2014
  • Fresh Media II, Nave Gallery, Somerville MA, 2014
  • Fresh Media I, CyberArts, Boston MA, 2014
  • Small Matters of Great Importance, Edward Hopper House, Nyack NY, 2013
    • Juror Susan Cross, Curator, MASS MoCA
  • Fresh Media, President’s Gallery, Boston MA, 2013
  • You Said You Loved Me...Why Did You Try To Kill Me?, The Hook, Brooklyn NY, 2012
  • You Said You Loved Me...Why Did You Try To Kill Me?, Cycle Studios, Philadelphia PA, 2012
  • First Friday at the Cavalcades, Cycle Studios, Philadelphia PA, 2012
  • Pulling From History: Letterpress, The Print Center, Philadelphia PA, 2010
  • Jazz Friday, TAMA Gallery, New York NY solo show, 2010
  • Concrete, et cetera, VWVOFFKA, Philadelphia PA, 2010
  • Works on Paper Rejects, Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA, 2010
  • Overheard, Gallery@Calit2, San Diego CA, 2010
  • Meet Your Printmaker, Washington Printmakers, Washington DC, 2009
  • Common Press Holiday Party, Morgan Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2008
  • Tapeworm, Kelly Writers House, Philadelphia PA, 2008
  • Art with a Purpose, Frela Gallery, New York NY, 2008
  • Senior Thesis Show, Charles Addams Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2008
  • Evening of the Arts Auction, The Caring Center, Philadelphia PA, 2008
  • Undergraduate Juried Show, Charles Addams Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2007
  • Massive 1: Anti-Bodies, The Rotunda, Philadelphia PA, 2007
  • Broadside Battle, Space 1026, Philadelphia PA, 2007
  • Live Nude Art Auction, Meyerson Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2007
  • Cliché, Logan Hall, Philadelphia PA, 2006
  • Painting@Penn, The Fox Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2006
  • Undergraduate Juried Show, Charles Addams Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2006

The Reproducer

This thesis addresses how our personal dynamic technologies—from laptops and smartphones to email and social media accounts — shape our perceptions of the world. It puts the digitized interaction, as engagements with our technologies, at the center of this investigation, and frames the world we live in as a Dynamic Media Society. In this society, our interactions become authoring forces of value, with economic, cultural, and social implications.

Part I investigates the value of the digitized interaction as a new type of commodity from the standpoint of the user as consumer. Just as accumulation of wealth and consumption of their favorite brands offer consumers validation, the digitized interaction becomes an indicator of self-worth and identity. Facebook likes, endorsements on LinkedIn, and a high number of followers on Twitter can be seen as valuable commodities, informing the users' understanding of their role and place in the world.

In Part II, I examine the user as producer of such interactions. From this perspective, the technologies of production in a Dynamic Media Society can be seen as an infrastructure of reproduction composed of the producer and predictive computer modeling software. Hence, the creation of value in society can be articulated through a negotiation between the producer of data and the restructuring abilities of algorithmic systems of surveillance.

*My particular interest in new media is instigated by a public outcry of aversion — as seen in the New York Times, late-night talk shows, and a host of pop-scholarship — to the growing ubiquity of personal technologies. I believe this aversion is important, as it is a symptom of a drastic and revolutionary transition in our communication and information infrastructures. But the validity of these concerns needs to be critically examined. My generation, due to its privileged perspective straddling a before and after viewpoint, has a responsibility to reflect on what constant connectivity is actually changing.

Design and content by Sofie Elana Hodara, 2014

UBIQ: Sound & Subversion

Fine Art Exhibition Catalog
Written and Designed by Sofie Elana Hodara
8 × 10 in, 154 pgs, printed on ProLine Uncoated Paper
Published May 04, 2014

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition Sound & Subversion, organized and curated by Sofie Elana Hodara at the T Gallery, New York, Oct 4 2013 — Jan 13, 2014. It documents the public interventions, or "Soundings," of anonymous sound artist UBIQ. In these spontaneous performances, UBIQ uses existing sound infrastructures to give voice to the familiar sounds of new media technologies—for example, the cell phone ringtone.

UBIQ's work asks us, a collective we, to hear these recognizable sounds (the top 40 of our new media) anew—not as the nagging interruptions of our personal devices, but as symbols of a powerful digital infrastructures we have created.

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