Stewards in Memoriam, 2017


According to climate scientists, the Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park are in danger of extinction over the next 100 years. Though populations of the trees living farther north, where temperatures are cooler, are thriving, the ones in the park may not survive the changing environment.

In response to this poetic tragedy - the death of the park's namesake - artist and designer, Sofie Elana Hodara spent June at BoxoProjects artist-in-residence, right outside of the Joshua Tree National Park. There, she collected the sounds of dying or injured Joshua trees in and around the park, keeping detailed records of the sites of each recording. Steward in Memoriam is an exhibition documenting her time there. Through both woven digital photographs and video work, the show addresses ideas of preservation and memory within the park’s changing environment.

Steward in Memoriam is made possible by the generosity of BoxoProjects artist residency, Emmanuel College, UBIQ, and Mark Wheeler.

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Stewards in Memoriam


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